Onda d’urto radiale EDX


  • Onda d’urto radiale portatile
  • Potenza max di lavoro 35 mJ/mm2
  • Frequenza regolabile per casi di media ed acuta disfunzione erettile
  • Pain Free 20 Minute Treatment

Technical Principle  

  • The shock wave therapy device is produced by Shenzhen Oceanus Medical Device Co., Ltd, it mainly uses cams and power springs to convert the circular motion of the motor into linear reciprocating motion, and uses the potential energy generated by the power spring to hit the impact rod against the bullet body, so that the bullet body hits the treatment head in a pulsed impact mode. Then the energy is transmitted to the focus of the patient in the form of a pulse shock wave.
  • Features  
    • Adjustable Frequency for Mild or Acute ED Cases
    • Deep Penetrating Focused Shockwave
    • Get a better erection, more easily, at any age.
    • Clinical Strength for Home Use
    • Adjustable Frequency for Mild or Acute ED Cases

    ● Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
    ● Peyronie’s Disease
    ● Poor blood flow
    ● Weak erectionsThe Shock Wave  is designed as a compact, user-friendly, in-home use shockwave therapy solution for erectile dysfunction. Shockwave Therapy induces capillary regeneration (angiogenesis) and blood flow (vasodilation) in the corpus cavernosum and crus of the penis through a special focused shockwave technique producing low intensity and deep penetrating shockwaves. The Shock Wave  offers adjustable frequencies for mild and acute cases of ED. Shockwave therapy is also proven effective in the breakup of plaque in cases of Peyronie’s Disease.
  • Scarica il manuale dal link seguente Clinical Guidance Manual -Oceanus EDX Device